(2021)Don’t miss these Bug bounty tips | #bugbountytips #tipsforbounty #infosectips #dontmissthis

Hey, this is hacktube , today in this blog we are going to see the bug bounty tips that will make you a successful bug hunter. So without any further due “let’s get started”

(Tip:1) Choose the right bugbounty program

The most important step is choosing the right program to hunt, as it will be a game-changer, you need to always choose a wide scope program, as it gives a huge advantage, you won’t get lots of duplicates or N/A kind bugs you will be the first to the bugs. For beginners, it’s highly recommended to choose targets wisely. #bugbountytips

(Tip:2) Automate everything

If you want to go the long run in bug bounties then try to automate everything, because it’s a huge time saver (automate all that boring things as sub enumeration, etc) The best tools to automate are nuclei , gf , etc #bugbounties

(Tip:3) Surround yourself with bug bounty community

You should be in a group where people do what you do, think as you think and you will learn new things from others. The best thing to surround yourself are medium blogs, Twitter tweets, and etc ….. #infosecbugbounty

(Tip:4) Mental health is important

In life breaks are so important, if you work continuously you might feel broke and may face burnout. There will come a situation where you might not find any bugs, just keep your laptop aside and go out and chill out with your friend

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