5 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows PC in 2022

1. PhotoDirector Essential – Best Overall

PhotoDirector Essential empowers creators of all experience levels to turn their photos into studio-quality masterpieces. It combines Lightroom’s photo processing and organization functions with Photoshop’s powerful editing, enhancement, and altering tools. Guided modules lower the learning curve which in turn will help you produce high-quality photo effects in just a few clicks.

The software allows you to batch sort and order tag names, locations, and other metadata. Its AI-powered facial recognition technology will also help streamline your organizational process, making it the best photo organizer for beginners. You can combine photos using the automatic slideshow creator and even add background music.

2. Canva


  • It provides professionally designed templates to boost your workflow.
  • You can add text to photos.
  • Canva enables you to publish, share, or download your HD graph.
  • You can embed the graph in infographics, presentations, etc.
  • This best free photo editor offers a speech bubble for making a dialogue.
  • You can enhance your photo with many effects.


The GIMP comes with an extensible editing platform that allows you to get an amazing editing experience. The editing software also includes animation filters. Most users have found it to be beneficial for animation editing and other requirements. File handling is also easy with this platform, and it is much easier to use this tool. GIMP takes up very little space, and it is specifically developed for the GNU image.


  • High-quality photo manipulation
  • Original artwork creation
  • Graphic design elements

Verdict: As per customer reviews, the GIMP comes along with a full set of painting tools. It has almost everything to look for when it comes to handy tools and editing requirements. The GIMP is a perfect choice for every professional editor, from brushes to pencils and several editing options.

4. Lightroom


  • You can control who can access your image.
  • This tool enables you to give ratings to each photo you have edited.
  • You can group your photos into the album.
  • Lightroom helps you to search for your desired photo with ease.
  • You can filter out the photos.
  • Your photos can be shared with other people.

5. PhotoDirector


  • Allows you to turn your photos into digital art.
  • It takes complexity out of complex image editing.
  • You can polish your projects with frame packs.
  • Helps you to envision your designs with an ever-growing collection of stock images.
  • Unlimited access to Shutterstock and Getty Images.
  • Support platforms: Windows, macOS.

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