Advance Scanning Of HTTP Request Smuggling

What is HTTP request smuggling?

HTTP request smuggling is a technique for interfering with the way a web site processes sequences of HTTP requests that are received from one or more users. Request smuggling vulnerabilities are often critical in nature, allowing an attacker to bypass security controls, gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, and directly compromise other application users.

How we can scan all subdomain with smuggler here is the commands

Let’s first scan subdomain of any target like and save it in txt here we use findomain tool for subdomain

findomain -o -t or you can use any tool like subfinder etc…

So our scanning has been complete and we got a file
Now we don’t need to scan every single subdomain we can automate this process HOW?
So let’s see we need to install a smuggler tool from 
Command is very simple :
git clone
cd smuggler
./ -u
And Now See how we can all subdomain in one single command
cat | python3



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