MilesWeb Review 2022: WordPress Hosting on Budget

When you are picking out a web hosting company, you need to make the decision correctly. The web hosting you choose will have an immense impact on the long-lasting success of your WordPress website.

One smart way is to do research and find the ideal web host for you. It is why this MilesWeb review is curated. MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting shines in the market due to its managed and optimized WordPress hosting platform.

So, to help you know more, in this MilesWeb review, we will explore what MilesWeb offers with its WordPress hosting.

We will also talk about WordPress features, pricing, support and, so much more. So, are you stuck and cannot make your mind if you should sign up for MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting?

Here, we also give you the best WordPress deals and facts. So go through the review thoroughly.

WordPress Hosting

You require WordPress hosting to store all the files, databases, and folders that make up your website. WordPress hosting is basically a service that means a collection of web servers optimized to function WordPress sites at a better speed. WordPress hosting is required to host WordPress sites.

MilesWeb is a web hosting provider that offers best managed WordPress hosting on a budget, as we discussed above. In managed WordPress hosting, they look after all the server management tasks, like performance tweaks, WordPress updates and much more. With this, you can grow your business to the next level as you don’t have to look after the technical aspects of your website.


MilesWeb is among the most rapidly growing hosting providers. You don’t have to keep searching for a reliable web hosting company because MilesWeb has got you covered. Their journey is guided by a dedicated and highly experienced, and expert team. MilesWeb strives to offer the best web hosting in UAE.

Features That You’ll Need for Your WordPress Site

Optimized for WordPress 

MilesWeb contributes to WordPress sources, so you don’t have to worry because their hosting is optimized for WordPress. They offer a range of comprehensive tools that helps you to administer your website without much effort. 

Free Domain

You do not have to pay extra for a domain with MilesWeb. They offer a free .com domain with the Prime and Multi plan if you purchase these plans for 1/3 years. The domain name you get has renewal charges from the second year.

SSD Storage for Fast Performance

MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting plan offers ample storage to make your site run smoothly. They host websites on SSD drives that are best for getting the ultimate performance. The SSD drives improve the performance of your website to the highest level.

Preconfigured WordPress

WordPress is pre-configured for you to make its management easy. The themes and plugins are pre-installed on your WordPress site. So, you don’t have to set up WordPress as it will run optimally.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is not an option but a vital aspect of the security of your website. Web hosting plans of MilesWeb come with an SSL certificate installed. It keeps your website transactions safe. Also, it creates encryption between you and your site visitors. Another benefit is, it helps to improve your website SEO ranks.

Email Services

You can create as many email accounts as you want to create with MilesWeb’s Multi plan. It lets you create email addresses with IMAP/POP3/SMTP.

Options to Choose Data Center

If you want to build a perfect data center, you must first determine the location of your target audience. With their WordPress hosting plan, they give you the option of choosing a data center.

Their data centers are across the globe in six distinct locations. You have the option of selecting the nearest data centers.

Pricing & Plans

MilesWeb has three tiers for its WordPress hosting. The three plans are as follows:

Solo (Rs.60 per month): With this plan, you can host one website. Also, you get 1GB SSD disk space which is enough for small websites. This plan works well for beginners and those having personal websites.

Prime (Rs.90 per month): The Prime plan allows you to host one website. If you have a small and medium-sized business, this plan is the best!

Multi (Rs.255 per month):You can host numerous websites with the Multi plan. With the Multi plan, you get unlimited SSD disk space. For those who want to host multiple small and medium websites, the Multi goes well!

Note, this pricing is on the subscription of three years.

How is MilesWeb’s Customer Service?

Every hosting provider claims to have outstanding customer support. And customers get into thinking like do they offer what they say!

Speaking about MilesWeb’s customer support is beyond amazing! Their customer support specialists are available 24×7 to resolve any of your concerns or queries by email, live chat, or tickets.

Uptime Guarantee 99.95%

MilesWeb promises to offer an uptime guarantee of 99.95% that is amazing! MilesWeb offers a reliable uptime guarantee and makes sure that your site is up and functional often.

Do They Offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, MilesWeb offers a 30-day money-back guarantee which is highly generous. If you cancel the plan of signing up, you get a refund of your payment. However, the money-back guarantee applies to shared, WordPress, reseller and VPS hosting plans.

Are There Any Discounts?

MilesWeb frequently offers discounts on its web hosting plans. With its WordPress hosting plans, MilesWeb is currently offering 70% off, a massive saving!

To Conclude 

WordPress hosting is an ideal way to host your WordPress site. Web hosts like MilesWeb offer all the tools and solutions to make your website a hit! Sign-up for MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting plan and take your WordPress site on the internet. 

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    I am a long-time user of MilesWeb now and I can say that they are dedicated professionals in the hosting field. It was a great experience with the Technical support. Very quick responsive customer service.

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