How To Configure Genymotion With Burpsuite | Android Penetration Testing

 Hello all 

welcome back this is a second blog on android penetration we had seen how we can install genymotion in kali linux so now let’s configure it with buspuite for testing.

Open your genymotion click on plus button left side corner 

It will open the new window

Select any android phone and click next in my case i have selected custom phone 10.0 now just click on install 

android phone will be installed now we can configure this. So now lets first we need to set screen lock so let’s go to setting and setup a screen lock 

choose any type screen lock and setup After that go to network setting and select wifi 

Now click on Wi-Fi it will open a window 

Now Long Press AndroidWiFi it will give you a pop up 

Click on modify network 

click on advanced option drop down menu 

Select manual opetion 

Now open your terminal and type ifconfig and find your ip 

enter your ip and random port 
and Now save it Now open your burp suite and enter same ip and port 
Now Download burp ca certificate and change extension .der to .cer  like this 
Now Drag and drop to your android Phone 
Now Open your android phone and go to sdcard and download folder 
just click on cacert.cer it will ask you to screen password so just enter your screen password and hit <ENTER> certificate will be installed 

 Our configuration has been complete let’s check it open your burp suite and turn on intercept and search any thing in android browser  

check this in your burpsuite 
Thanks for reading 

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