How To Enable Google Calendar API

What is Google Calendar API

Google Calendar API allows developers to programmatically access Google Calendar data and integrate it with their own applications. It is a REST API that can be used to create, update, and manage Google Calendar events, as well as query for events on a given calendar. The API also supports event reminders, recurring events, and event attachments. Additionally, developers can also use the API to access calendar settings and user profiles.

How To Enable and integrate Google Calendar API

1. Go to the Google API Console.

2. Click Create Project, and enter a project name.

3. Select the Google Calendar API from the list of APIs.

4. Click Enable.

5. Go to the Credentials tab and click Create credentials.

6. Select OAuth client ID.

7. Select Web application as the application type.

8. Enter a name for the application.

9. Enter the authorized redirect URI.

10. Click Create.

11. Copy the Client ID and Client secret.

12. Use the Client ID and Client secret to integrate with your application.

13. Use the Google Calendar API to create, update, and manage events, query events on a calendar, and access user profiles and calendar settings.

14. Finally, review the Google Calendar API Terms of Service.

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