How to Find Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Using Dalfox

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Welcome back as we all know Cross site scripting vulnerability is very critical and it’s easy to find and the format is just put a payload anywhere and check response. But if we can automate this process. What if just put a website url and hit enter and it will automate . So let’s see how we can do this.

We will use a tool which is dalfox it’s available on github and url is :

To install this tool we need go language in our machine so let’s install go language. Just open your terminal and type this command to install go language

sudo apt-get install golang

Now hit <ENTER> and press y golang will be installed

So now let’s install dalfox in our machine

From source

▶ GO111MODULE=on go get -v

Using snapcraft (ubuntu)

▶ sudo snap install dalfox

Using homebrew (macos)

▶ brew tap hahwul/dalfox
▶ brew install dalfox
I am using kali linux so let's see how we install it in kali linux just type command: GO111MODULE=on go get -v
Hit enter and see dalfox will be successfully installed 

Now go to golang directory and see cd /go/bin

Now move dalfox to our root directory just type this command sudo cp dalfox /usr/local/bin

Now we have successfully installed dalfox so let's Find some xss just type this command to find xss dalfox url -b

It will alert you when it's find xss 

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