How To Install All Recon Tools Using One Script

Recon is most important part of bug bounty so I have created a file which is Recon all tools are in this file so let’s see how we can install it


  • Dalfox
  • Waybackurls
  • Subfinder
  • Findomain
  • sublist3r
  • FFUF
  • Httpx
  • Qsreplace
  • Gau
  • Assetfinder
  • Anew
  • Httprobe
  • Meg
  • Haktrails
  • Kxss
  • GetJs
  • GoSpider
  • Html-Tool
  • Haktldextract

How To Install Golang

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simplereliable, and efficient software. So let’s install it

  1. Download golang from here
  2. Extract it in your home directory
  3. Now Run command sudo apt-get install golang
  4. now run export GOPATH=$HOME/go

How To Install Tools

everything is complete so let’s install

git clone

cd Recon

chmod +x


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