How to install and run Kali Linux in smartphone?

Working on Kali Linux is always a priority for developers. However, unavailability of PCs requires a backup option as well. It is important to utilize your smartphone in the absence of computers.

Here’s the steps to install and run the Kali Linux in smartphones.

Step1: Download the Apps

Download Termux and Hacker’s keyboard apps on your smartphone.

Step 2: Required settings

After downloading, you need to select some packages during the installation process.

  1. Update the system

     Use these commands: 

          $pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

         $ termux-setup-storage

         $pkg install wget fish

2. Execute the script

 Use this command:

       $ chmod +x install – nethunter – termux

       $ ./install – nethunter – termux

These commands will fetch and install the Kali linux files on Android. The script fetches around 1.5GB of files. You can delete it after extraction of rootfs files are done.

Step 3: Launch Kali on Smartphone

    Insert the command to launch Kali linux in CLI mode in android

        $ nethunter

  Insert the command to check Kali tools on your system

   $ cat / etc / os-release | grep “ \bNAME=”NAME=”Kali GNU /linux” 

Congrats! Kali Linux is successfully installed on your android.

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