How To Install Findomain In Kali Linux / Ubuntu

Hello Guys i am back with another blog on kali linux tutorials so we will see how we can download or setup findomain tool in kali linux or ubuntu so let’s get started

What Is Findomain

FIndomain is a fastest and cross-platform subdomain enumerator. It comparison gives you a idea why you should use findomain instead of another tools. So let’s see how we can install it in our machine

How to Install

First we need to clone this from github so let’s do it using this command

git clone

Now go to directory using this command

cd findomain

Now install all dependency using this command

cargo build –release

Dependency has been successfully install move to home directory

sudo cp target/release/findomain /usr/bin/

everything has been completed now we can find subdomain using findomain use this command to test or find subdomain

findomain -t

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