How To Install Genymotion In Kali Linux Letest version

Hello all welcome back let’s start android penetration testing for this we need an android phone so we can use our own personal phone or we can use an emulator. So I suggest you use an emulator for testing one of my favorite emulators is Genymotion So let’s take a look at how we can install Genymotion in Kali Linux

Let’s update our kali Linux

sudo apt-get update

Now Let’s Download Genymotion from the official website:

Just click on this URL the downloading process will start.

Now we have downloaded successfully So let’s see using this command ls -l ~/Downloads/ 


So now give permission to execute so type a command in your terminal :

chmod +x ~/Downloads/genymotion-3.2.1-linux_x64.bin

Now let’s install it type a command :

sudo ~/Downloads/genymotion-3.2.1-linux_x64.bin

Now, press y and then press <Enter> to continue.


Genymotion should be installed.

Now, you can find Genymotion in the Application Menu Kali Linux 

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