How To Install Gf tool and waybackrurls in Kali Linux

Hello all

Let’s see how we can install gf tool and how to configure it in our Linux machine

you need to install golang on your machine so let’s install it just run this command

sudo apt-get install golang

golang will be installed on your machine

Now run this command go get -u

go to the go/bin folder using this command cd go/bin

gf tool is here let’s see if using ls command

Now let’s move it to /usr/local/bin folder using this command sudo cp gf /usr/local/bin

it will ask you to your root password enter your password and hit <ENTER>

now setup his patterns so let’s back to one directory and run this command

cd src/

all patterns are here you can see using the ls command

Open another tab and create a folder in your home directory using this command mkdir .gf

Now copy all patterns in the .gf folder in my case my directory name is sudo cp * /home/dark/.gf/

all patterns will be copied in .gf folder you can see using ls command

now let’s add some other patterns to clone this repository using this command

git clone

cd Gf-Patterns

copy all patterns in the .gf folder using this command

sudo cp * ../.gf/

Now let’s see all patterns

Our gf tool is fully installed now we need to install waybackurls to test and find URLs let’s install it

go get -u

go to your go/bin directory and move it to /usr/local/bin folder

cd go/bin

cp waybackurls /usr/local/bin

the configuration has been completed let’s test it

waybackurls | gf xss

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