How to install Python in windows 10?

Python is a deciphered, object-arranged, undeniable level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its undeniable level of implicit information structures, joined with dynamic composing and dynamic restricting, make it exceptionally appealing for Rapid Application Development, just as for use as a pre-arranging or paste language to interface existing parts together. Python’s basic, simple to learn language structure underlines lucidness and consequently lessens the expense of program upkeep. Python upholds modules and bundles, which supports program measured quality and code reuse. The Python translator and the broad standard library are accessible in source or paired structure without charge for every single significant stage, and can be openly circulated.

To download Python in windows 10 follow these steps:

  1. To download Python, click on 
  1. You’ll find “python-3.10.0-amd64.exe” will be downloaded. Find this file on your system.
  1. Double click this file. A pop up window will appear. Check both “Launch Installer for all users” and “Add Python 3.10 to path” boxes. A window will appear click in “Install now” 
Python Install
  1. Click yes/next in the coming few steps. You’ll see Python 3.9.6 (64-bit) Setup installation process starts. 
  2. After that, finally click on the “Close” button.

Congrats Python is installed on your computer!

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