How to Setup/Configure Burpsuite with Firefox

Hello all i am back with another blog on bug bounty we will see how we can set up/configure burp suite with firefox to intercept all requests and how we can start bug bounty. So let’s begin

I am using kali Linux but the process is the same also in windows first we need to install firefox if you are using windows or another machine but if you are using kali Linux so you don’t need that because it’s the default browser of kali Linux so if you are a windows user then you can download it from official website

Launching Firefox and Adding Proxy

we have firefox so just click on his icon it will be start

inter face will be like this

everything is good so now just click on three lines which is right-side upper corner and go to preferences Or you can type about:preferences in the search box it will redirect you to the settings of the firefox browser like this

Now scroll down and find network settings like this

now click on settings it will show you the options to modify proxy. Add same ip address in same fields and click ok it will be save

Browser settings done now open burpsuite and click on proxy > options settings like this

Click on add proxy add same IP in same fields and click on the okay button

Now Open your firefox and type http://burp and click on Ca Certificate certificate will be downloaded

Again go to the settings of firefox and cer in the search box like this

click on view certificate and then click on import certificate then go to download folder and choose certificate

and just click on ok it will ask you to permission give permission and click on the okay certificate will be installed now you catch the request and modify them

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