How To setup/Install discord in Kali Linux

In this tutorial, we will talk about discord and how we can setup/install discord in kali Linux or ubuntu system so let’s start

Update Our Kali Linux

First we need to update our system so let’s update using this command

sudo apt update

enter your password and the system will we updated

our system has been updated so let’s install discord using this command

installing will be the start

Using Second Method

we can install discord using dpkg file so let’s update our system

sudo apt update

Now we need to download dpkg file from the official website so let’s do it, open the website

Click on Download For Linux button and downloading will be started

Go to the Download folder and install it using this command

sudo dpkg -i discord-0.0.15.deb

discord will be installed

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  1. tement

    there is no screenshot of discord actually running on kali

    1. dwadwadwa

      tried it, it does work, however you have to first input the cd Downloads if you downloaded it form the internet. Then install it with the command, it will say error error but you dont care. Then when it is “installed” just type “discord” and it will open discord

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