Install Xampp in Kali Linux 2022


xampp is very best tool for local servers, this tool is made by apache friends’ company, it is open source and absolutely free. By installing xampp, we can do it like this server, like if we have to make a website or we have to install WordPress or we have any server work, then we can do it easily by installing xampp, most of the developers while creating the website. That’s what he does. We can install Sump very easily and it is not difficult to set up. So let’s see today how can I install Kali Linux.

Step To Download and install

First, we need to download xampp so let’s download it . Open this link to Download Xampp: and download the file

After the downloading process go to your download folder open your terminal and run this command

Chmod +x 

and now it’s time to execute so just type this command


it will open the installer window now just install it like a normal application 

Click on next next installing will be complete

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