Code Editors for Linux and Ubuntu

Code Editors

Hello Guys Welcome back, coding and code editor are very important in programming and hacking, so today we are going to talk about some great code editors that can make your coding process easier, so start without any delay.

  1. vscode
  2. sublime-text
  3. vim
  4. atom
  5. Brackets

1. vscode

Vscode is a very good code editor to use because it has many features inside. vscode makes the coding process very easy as well as installing some of its extensions can add many more features like a live server and much more. vscode is available for all operating systems and installing it is also quite easy. vscode was released on April 14, 2016.

Dwonload Vscode From here;

2. Sublime Text

sublime text is an old and much better tool for coding, it was launched for normal coding but today it is also used like an IDE, it has many features like minimap, multi-select, custom snippets, and automatic file type recognition through structures. Its trial version is free and it can also be installed on Windows Linux.

Download Sublime From Here

3. Vim

Vim comes pre-installed in Kali Linux, this tool is very good for coding in Kali Linux, it has many features such as find and replaces, auto suggestion, and automatic file type recognition through structures Most hackers or programmers who use Linux. They use only Vim code editor for coding

You can Download Vim From Here :


Atom is a text editor created by the GitHub community. This tool is highly customizable and allows us to add our own configuration files as well. ATOM supports quite a few programming languages.
In this, you can choose your theme. The free version of ATOM is available and can be installed on Linux or Ubuntu.

You can download tom from here :

5. Brackets

Brackets is a code editor with some basic IDE-like features. If you are a web developer, Brackets is an excellent choice for you. It is pretty lightweight yet robust.

The app allows you to design and see app previews in real-time for web applications. It has an inline editor that allows opening a window in the required code.

Brackets is open source and free for all. It has good community support, too, so rest assured, you’ll get quick solutions to all your problems.

You can Download Brackets From here:

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