Top 10 Nmap command to scan remote hosts

Nmap command

Nmap is an organization scanner utility utilized for port planning, have revelation and weakness examining. The majority of its capacities depend on utilizing IP parcel examination to recognize and distinguish remote hosts, working frameworks and administrations. 

Nmap is utilized by huge organizations just as more modest estimated associations for port examining, have checking, entrance testing and comparative undertakings.

  1. Nmap scan against IP


To scan hostname, replace the existing command with this


  1. Command for Nmap Ping scan

nmap -sp

  1. Command to scan ports

nmap -p 1-65535 localhost 

To get quick result, insert this command

nmap -p 80,443

  1. Command to scan various IP addresses


  1. Command to scan IP ranges


  1. Command to scan IP address from text file

This is the text file

To scan the text file, insert this command

nmap -iL list.txt

  1. Command to save the Nmap scanned results

To save text file, follow these steps

nmap -oN output.txt

To save an xml file, insert this command.

nmap -oX output.xml

  1. Command to detect the daemon version

nmap -sV localhost

  1. CVE detection with Nmap

nmap -Pn –script vuln

  1. Command to launch DOS with Nmap

nmap -max-parallelism 800 -Pn –script http-slowloris –script-args http-slowloris.runforever=true

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