Top 20 Topics For Your Next Blog or Article

1. Why should I become a writer

Talk about some reason to become a blogger or writer

2. How To Become Ethical Hacker

Give some tips to become an ethical hacker

3. How To Write Seo Blogs

Give some tips to write good blogs

4. How to earn money online

Give them some tips to earn money like some games or youtube channel

5. How To Start a Career In Cyber Security

Give some tips to start a cyber security

6. Freelancing vs Full-Time Employment

The difference between the two

7. WordPress vs Magento for eCommerce website

Difference between the two

8. Top 10 WordPress Theme For eCommerce website

Talk about the best WordPress eCommerce theme.

9. Top 5 Code Editors for Web Development

Talk about the best code editor with their features

10. Seo Tips for Blogging website and eCommerce website

Give some SEO tips

11. On-Page SEO vs OF Page SEO

Difference between two

12. Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Talk about digital marketing and how to start it

13. Top 10 highest-earning Bloggers

Information about them

14. Vlogger Vs bloggers

Difference between two

15. Top 10 Bloggers in India

Talk about them

16. macOS vs Windows vs Linux

How all 3 compare for developers and your preference

17.  Static vs Dynamically typed languages

Comparing JavaScript to Dart for example

18. The best social media platforms for developers

Talk about the platforms that you think are great

19. Learning how to do web scraping using Python

A tutorial on how to do it

20. A tutorial on how to use AWS for cloud storage

Creating a tutorial about AWS

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