Top 5 security tools for bug bounty hunters (2021).

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Hi, it’s me Hacktube, and today we are going to learn about the Top 5 security tools for bug bounty hunters. Here are the security tools, to know more about them read our full blog.

  • Burp suite
  • Vulnerability lab
  • Google dorks
  • DNS – Discovery
  • Reverse DNS- lookup

5) Reverse DNS- lookup

Reverse DNS- lookup, also known as reverse IP lookup. It is a technique of the Domain Name System (DNS) that determines the domain name associated with an IP address. It uses PTR records and involves searching domain name registry and registrar tables.
Download link – reverse DNS lookup

4) DNS – Discovery

Service discovery is the automatic detection of devices and services. A service discovery protocol is a network protocol that helps accomplish service discovery. Service discovery aims to reduce the configuration efforts required by users and administrators. Once an attacker is inside a firewall and has control of a computer, they can use DNS to find important server names.
Download link – there are many tools which can help to do this

3) Google dorks

Google hacking, also named Google Dorking, is a hacker technique that uses Google Search and other Google applications to find security holes in the configuration and computer code. With the help of Google Dorks, users can easily and quickly find more accurate search results but it has also been abused by many hackers.
link – link

2) Vulnerability lab

Vulnerability lab is a very helpful website for a beginner in a bug bounty hunt. It is a project that provides vulnerability research, vulnerability assessments, and bug bounties. It is also useful in the aspects of web application vulnerabilities and website vulnerabilities.

pentestlab (all in one)
link – pentesterlab

1) Burp suite

Burp Suite has a set of tools used for penetration testing of web applications. It is the most popular tool among professional bug bounty hunters because of its ease of use. It allows you to perform scans on everything you want from full crawls to individual URLs and covers over 100 generic vulnerabilities. Burp Suite offers a clear and comprehensive presentation of vulnerabilities. This is a paid tool and can be found easily.
Download link – Burp suite

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