Top High Paid Bug Bounty Program

What is a Bug Bounty Program

A bug bounty program rewards independent researchers and ethical hackers when they find a bug or a security vulnerability in a service/website.

A bug bounty program is a perfect place for security researchers or hackers to put their skills to the test. It gives the feel of a public competition and a run for the money with your skills.

1. Yahoo

Yahoo has resolved 10931 Reports via hackerone .

Minimum Payout: There is no set limit on Yahoo for minimum payout.

Maximum Payout : Yahoo can pay $15000 for detecting important bugs in their system.

Program Link :

2. U.S. Dept Of Defense

U.S Dept OF defense has resolved 22340 Reports

Minimum Payout : There is no Minimum payout

Maximum Payout : U.s Dept Defense can pay $15000 .

Program Link :

3. AT&T

AT&T also has its bug hunting channel. Developers and security experts can research the various platforms like websites, APIs, and mobile applications.

Minimum Payout: Minimum Amount Paid by them is $500.

Maximum Payout: There is no such upper limit for payout.

Program Link :

4. Adobe

Adobe Has resolved 5993 Reports

Minimum Payout: Adobe can pay minimum $100

Maximum Payout: Adobe can Pay $10000

Program Url :

5. Uber

Uber has resolved 1847 Reports

Minimum Payout: Uber can pay $250

Maximum Payout: Uber Can pay $15000

Program Url :

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