What is MITM Attack

What Is MITM Attack

A man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack is a type of cyberattack where the attacker intercepts communications between two parties and impersonates both parties to them. The attacker can then eavesdrop on the conversation, modify the messages being exchanged, or even inject their own messages into the conversation.

MITM attacks are often used to steal sensitive information like login credentials or credit card numbers. They can also be used to launch other types of attacks, like malware infections or denial-of-service attacks.

There are a few different ways that MITM attacks can be carried out. One common method is for the attacker to set up a fake Wi-Fi network and lure victims onto it. The attacker can then intercept all the traffic passing through their fake network and carry out whatever attack they want.

Another common method is to use spoofed DNS records to redirect traffic intended for one website (like a bank) to another website under the attacker’s control. When victims try to visit the bank’s website, they’re actually directed to a fake site that looks identical to the real thing. But any information they enter on this fake site will be sent to the attacker instead of the legitimate bank.

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