What is WannaCry malware and how it works ?

WannaCry is a crypto ransomware worm that attacks windows and spreads from PC to PC in a network. It the system and encrypt the confidential files. The attackers use it for monetary gain in return to unlock the affected files. 

WannaCry was first spread in 2017 in windows.Microsoft issued a Patch to prevent the malware entering into the system and attacking the files. 

WannaCry doesn’t spread from any link or corrupted file. It targets corporate networks to enter the systems. It looks for a vulnerable system in a network and uses it to enter the whole network. 

How does WannaCry work?

WannaCry consists of multiple components like encryption and decryption software. It enters the vulnerable computer and targets the Microsoft enabled files, images and audios. It encrypts those files and develops a mechanism where those files need an external digital key to decrypt. The attackers held these keys and demanded money to provide access to the affected user. In case users don’t have the file backup they have to surrender to the attacker’s demands to access their files.

How to prevent WannaCry attacks?

  1. Keep a backup

It’s an everyday task and vital to ensure basic information, so organizations need to build up a daily backup practice to safeguard the data. Reinforcements is put away remotely and detached from the venture organization in a cloud administration, to shield them from digital attacks. 

Employees should be intermittently helped to remember great email propensities, since more specialists are working distantly. They should never open obscure email connections, and they ought to never tap on any connections that are whatsoever dubious.

  1. Install the latest software

On the off chance that the three most significant words in land are area, area, area, the three most significant words in online protection are update, update, update. The first worldwide WannaCry might have been forestalled if organizations and people had refreshed their Windows programming. The endeavor that permitted WannaCry to engender had been fixed by Microsoft two months sooner.

In spite of the fact that it had a gigantic effect four years prior, WannaCry ransomware stays a steady danger today — more proof that the individuals who don’t gain from history are bound to rehash it. Luckily, your association will not need to in case you’re constant with regards to refreshing your product and frameworks.

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